School lunch ideas to make your child enjoy lunch more

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In United States 30.6 million students eat school lunches regularly and only 6% of the entire segments offer lunches which are nutritional and free from fried foods and soda pop. You as a parent understand the importance of your child having a balanced lunch at noon. You also know that your child would not boiled veggies as they are bland. Thus you try out a few School Lunch Ideas which is advised by your mother.

Pack lunches in simple boxes which have compartments in them

An effective trick that your mother used on you and your brothers was packing simple lunches in an attractive lunch boxes with different compartments. Earlier you would hate the sandwich as it would get soggy. But when the lunch boxes have compartments in them, you know they do not mix up with the salad and sauces. Thus you enjoyed a hearty lunch every day. Here you go one step further and make little plastic containers and fill them up with delicious foods which are healthy. You are rewarded when your 3 year old son returns with an empty lunch box the next day.

School Lunch IdeasMake the lunch box look attractive

You know that when food appeals to your senses, you can enjoy it in a better manner. Thus you can make your daily lunch meals a little more attractive. Here a simple plastic sandwich packet can be made attractive by drawing a smiley face over it. You can also use a white napkin and make the sandwich wear a hat over it. These small innovations would help your child enjoy his nutritional meals without any hassles.

Breaking away from the traditional rules

You know your son loves surprises and you can give him a few surprises daily in his lunch boxes. When you are giving him boiled veggies for lunch, you can cut them into cubes and place cheese cubes in a stick, along with the boiled veggies. This would make him enjoy the veggies. You can also cut the veggies in different shapes and use different colors of vegetables to brighten up a simple lunch salad. One of the amazing School lunch ideas would be adding a paste of cheese to French crepes and sprinkling nuts in them.  This would make them enjoy the meal even more.

Add personal notes

When you want your child to enjoy food which he does not enjoy, you can encourage making him enjoy the meal, by writing a few personal notes like “I love you” or “You are the bright light in my love”. All these positive notes would help him to enjoy meals which are nutritional, in order to make you hungry.

Help your child to make his lunches

One of the great ways to make your child enjoy his lunch is to make him participate in making it. He can just butter the slices of his brown sandwich bread. When he does this you can be assured that he would have his lunch and also mention to his friends that he has helped you to make his own lunch.

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