General overview:

Children today honestly follow a plain and simple concept about eating. Irrespective of how much one tries to make them gobble up healthy things, they will only eat things which they feel tasty and yummy. They don’t complicate issues or pester their brain cells about nutrition and health factors. They simply don’t consider worth their time. Well on having a close look at it one will somewhat agree with them. Why would they when they have their parents to worry about such stuff. Hence with such mindsets it is up to the parents to pull up their socks and thinks of innovative and interesting recipes which are packed with proteins and nutrition as well as which appear to be tasty to outsmart these clever kids.

School Lunch IdeasInteresting analysis:

There is an interesting analysis which states that more school kids are seen skipping their lunch boxes and instead are seem crunching chips or gobbling burgers from their school canteens.  Sandwiches, apples or a bag of pretzels is what usually characterizes a conventional lunch box and boy oh boy kids consider them to be boring. And when something is considered boring by kids it is equivalent to not being eaten. Some smart kids amazingly dump them into the trash cans and fill up their stomach with some junk food. This to be honest can prove to be problem for tender aged kids. So here are some of the potent School Lunch Ideas which parents can apply. Follow closely!

Take advantage of color:

An interesting thing with kids is that they try and appear to be smart but in reality they are not. So what parents can do is rather than change the entire recipe, add innovation to it.  Kids are fascinated with bright colors and so try and use vegetables which are vibrant colored such as carrots, cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries, cherry tomatoes etc. So use these ingredients (not altogether off course) in making burgers or sandwiches. Also since kids love cheese, so use it to the advantage and apply loads of them. These burgers or sandwiches are not only tasty which importantly is enough to make kids eat but are also very nutrition filled. One can even cut them using different cutters available at Halloween and give these sandwiches a new twist.

Make the kids choose themselves- This is another way to make kids empty their lunch boxes. But then again having a say doesn’t mean that it’s a free reign. Narrow down the options such as peanut butter or jam, tuna salad sandwich or pasta something like that. Let them take the call and then make something using their selected ingredients. Thus instead of them opening their boxes and going oh, no not again, they have already been up for success.

Also try and pack foods which are easily eatable. Kids may not mind peeling an orange of for that matter biting an uncut sandwich at home but at school and especially when they are with their friends at the lunch table, they certainly do! So instead try and pack food such as pizza, cut into small squares or sandwiches cut in triangular form or for that matter sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers properly sliced and thug in with match sticks. They are easier to handle for kids at the lunch table where socializing and not eating is considered the first priority for them.

Allow the kids into the kitchen: This is something which we have heard time and time again. Kids just love to lend their helping hand in the kitchen work. Well if they do really want to help them allow them to. They love making their own lunch boxes so allow them to do it the way they want to. Also take them out to the super market and allow them to dictate terms as to which pack of oat meal or which pack of cookies they feel good about munching. This will not only make them happy but also result in the food getting inside their tummies rather than some garbage can.

Add a chocolate treat- There is simply no getting around the fact that kids love eating chocolates. So why not give it to them. But here is a twist. Rather than the conventional or plain chocolate bars tend to the ones that are rich in nutrition, proteins, calcium and other rich ingredients. There are several available in the markets which are both protein filled as well as yummy in taste. So use it to the advantage!

Apart from that there are several other School Lunch Ideas which parents can cater to. They do not necessarily have to change the entire recipe; all they have to do is just make that presentable to them in a new form.